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Enter IT CI Limited has been founded in 2017 with the mission and ambition to upgrade the standard of available IT Support and IT Services in Cyprus. The initial target businesses are small companies who can’t afford a full time IT employee, and who are looking for high quality IT Support, not just remotely but also on-site, as well as other IT Services.

Our philosophy on IT Support is that on-site support and regular scheduled on-site visits are important for the IT “health” and security of each company, by providing physical reviewing of the IT Infrastructure and face to face assistance for minor-to-major IT issues. This on-site interaction allows us to monitor IT related events that are occuring at each company, to identify issues, bottlenecks and threads, and provide our consulting and support services accordingly.

For all of the Services we provide, we maintain the highest quality of service, at very low affortable prices, and at various packages, each with its own benefits, that will suit all kind of needs. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries you might have regarding our Services and Pricing details.

Services Overview

Our Team

IT Consultant

Charis Ioannides
Project Management 90%
Web (HTML, CSS, Javascript) 92%
Development (C/C++, C#, Java, PHP) 97%
IT Security (Network, Software) 90%
Technical Support 90%

Application Developer

Michalis Strouthos
Project Management 75%
Web (HTML, CSS, Javascript) 85%
Development (C/C++, C#, Java, PHP) 96%
IT Security (Network, Software) 82%
Technical Support 85%

Support Technician

Christos Ioannides
Project Management 65%
Web (HTML, CSS, Javascript) 80%
Development (C/C++, Java) 75%
IT Security (Network, Software) 90%
Technical Support 95%